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Cabinet 2-Vodka_edited.jpg

Did you know that vodka can help you de-stress, lose weight, and lower your cholesterol level? Drink up.

I have collected 231 "Vodka" bottles.  To see an image of the bottle, click on the name.  To remove the large image, just click on it.

Truly Strawberry Lemonade_edited.png
Natural Light Strawberry Lemonade_edited.png
Smirnoff Whipped Cream_edited.png
Balalaika 2_edited.png
Absolut Wild Tea 2_edited.png
Absolut Vanilla 2_edited.png
Absolut Ruby Red 2_edited.png
Bowman's Virginia 2_edited.png
Grey Goose Le Citron 2_edited.png
Grey Goose La Vanille 2_edited.png
New Amsterdam 525 2_edited.png
New Amsterdam Pink Whitney_edited_edited.png
New Amsterdam Pineapple 2_edited.png
Xellent 2_edited.png
Wolfschmidt 2_edited.png
Wodka Wyborowa 2_edited.png
Walker's Crystal 2_edited.png
UV Grape 2_edited.png
UV Cherry 2_edited.png
UV Cake 2_edited.png
UV 2_edited.png
Ursus Punch Flavored 2_edited.png
Tvarscki 2_edited.png
Tito's 2_edited.png
Three 2_edited.png
Thor's Hammer 2_edited.png
Tanqueray Sterling 2_edited.png
Svedka Strawberry Lemonade 2_edited.png
Svedka Strawberry Colada 2_edited.png
Svedka Grapefruit Jalapeno 2_edited.png
Svedka Citron 2_edited.png
Suntory Banzai 2_edited.png
Stolichnaya Vanilla 2_edited.png
Stolichnaya Stoli Sticki Honey 2_edited.png
Stolichnaya Stoli Salted Karamel 2_edited.png
Stolichnaya Orange 2_edited.png
Stolichnaya Stoli Hot Jalapeno 2_edited.png
Stolichnaya Stoli Chocolate Raspberry 2_edited.png
Stolichnaya Chocolat Kakonut 2_edited.png
Stolichnaya Blueberry 2_edited.png
Stolichnaya 2_edited.png
Smirnoff White Label 2_edited.png
Smirnoff Watermelon 2_edited.png
Smirnoff Triple 2_edited.png
Smirnoff Red Label 2_edited.png
Smirnoff Raspberry 2_edited.png
Smirnoff Kissed Caramel 2_edited.png
Smirnoff Green Apple 2_edited.png
Smirnoff Citrus Twist 2_edited.png
Smirnoff Blue Label 2_edited.png
Skyy Melon 2_edited.png
Skyy 2_edited.png
Ruskova 2_edited.png
Relska 2_edited.png
Pucker Watermelon 2_edited.png
Pucker Sour Apple Sass 2_edited.png
Pucker Raspberry Rave 2_edited.png
Pucker Primal Peach 2_edited.png
Pucker Lemonade Lust 2_edited.png
Pucker Citrus 2_edited.png
Pucker Cherry Tease 2_edited.png
Pravda 2_edited.png
Pinnacle Whipped 2_edited.png
Pinnacle Cinnabon Roll 2_edited.png
Pinnacle Chocolate Whipped 2_edited.png
Pinnacle Cake 2_edited.png
Pinnacle Amaretto 2_edited.png
Stolichnaya Lemon 2_edited.png
Stolichnaya Pepper 2_edited.png
Svedka Blue Raspberry_edited_edited.png
Svedka Peach_edited_edited.png
Svedka Vodka_edited_edited.png
Pearl Wedding Cake 2_edited.png
Pearl Pomegranate 2_edited.png
Pearl Orange 2_edited.png
Pearl Cucumber 2_edited.png
Pearl Chocolate Covered Cheery 2_edited.png
Pearl Caramel 2_edited.png
Pearl 2_edited.png
Orzel 2_edited.png
Ocean 2_edited.png
Nikolai 2_edited.png
New Amsterdam Red Berry 2_edited.png
New Amsterdam Peach 2_edited.png
New Amsterdam Orange_edited_edited.png
New Amsterdam Mango_edited_edited.png
New Amsterdam Apple 2_edited.png
New Amsterdam 574 2_edited.png
Naked Jay Whipped Cream 2_edited.png
McCormick Vanilla 2_edited.png
McCormick Raspberry 2_edited.png
McCormick Apple 2_edited.png
McCormick 2_edited.png
Luksusowa Citus 2_edited.png
Luksusowa 2_edited.png
Ketel One 2_edited.png
Kamchatha 2_edited.png
Imperia 2_edited.png
High Rise Citrus 2_edited.png
High Rise Cherry 2_edited.png
Grey Goose La Poire 2_edited.png
Grey Goose L'Orange 2_edited.png
Grey Goose 2_edited.png
Gordon's 2_edited.png
Godiva Chocolate Raspberry 2_edited.png
Godiva Chocolate 2_edited.png
Gilbey's 2_edited.png
Fris 2_edited.png
Fleischmann's 2_edited.png
Finlandia 2_edited.png
Epic Peach 2_edited.png
Eldur'is 2_edited.png
Deep Eddy Ruby Red 2_edited.png
Deep Eddy Peach 2_edited.png
Deep Eddy Lemon 2_edited.png
Deep Eddy 2_edited.png
Dark Eyes 2_edited.png
Danzka 2_edited.png
Cupcake Frosting 2_edited.png
Cupcake 2_edited.png
Crown Russe 2_edited.png
Ciroc 2_edited.png
Ciroc Red Cherry 2_edited.png
Ciroc Peach 2_edited.png
Ciroc Amaretto 2_edited.png
Burnett's Orange Cream 2_edited.png
Burnett's Fruit Punch 2_edited.png
Glenmore 2_edited.png
Absolut Peppar 2_edited.png
Absolut Peach 2_edited.png
Absolut Kurant 2_edited.png
Absolut Citron 2_edited.png
Absolut CherryKran 2_edited.png
Absolut 2_edited.png
360 Sorrento Lemon 2_edited.png
360 Red Raspberry 2_edited.png
360 Georgia Peach 2_edited.png
360 Double Chocolate 2_edited.png
360 Bing Cherry 2_edited.png
Hard Truth Cinnamon 2_edited.png
Deep Eddy Lime_edited.png
Hard Truth Vodka_edited.png
New Amsterdam Watermelon_edited.png
Smirnoff Berry Lemon_edited.png
Smirnoff Blueberry_edited.png
Smirnoff Grape_edited.png
Smirnoff Peach_edited.png
Smirnoff Peppermint Twist_edited.png
Smirnoff Pink Lemonade_edited.png
Smirnoff Red, White & Berry_edited.png
Smirnoff Sourced_edited.png
Smirnoff Strawberry_edited.png
Svedka Cherry Limeade_edited.png
Heritage Blood Orange New_edited.png
Heritage Huckleberry New_edited.png
Crystal Head (Clear Bottle)_edited.png
Natural Light Black Cherry Lemonade_edited.png
Natural Light Lemonade_edited.png
Truly Pineapple Mango_edited.png
Truly Wild Berry_edited.png
360 Blue Raspberry_edited.png
360 Lime_edited.png
Ketel One Cucumber & Mint_edited.png
Ketel One Peach & Orange Blossom_edited.png
Fris (Different Bottle)_edited.png
Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions Lemon & Elderflower_edited.png
Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions Strawberry & Rose_edited.png
Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions Watermelon  & Mint_edited.png
Ciroc Pineapple_edited.png
Platinum 7X_edited.png
UV Blue_edited.png
Ciroc Summer Citrus_edited.png
Benjamins Apple_edited.png
Benjamins Banana_edited.png
Benjamins Peach_edited.png