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Liqueurs range between 15% and 30% alcohol by volume.  They are alcohol beverages flavored by fruits, nuts, and herbs.  

Cabinet - Liqueur 2.jpg
Cabinet - Liqueur 3.jpg

I have collected 294 "Liqueur" bottles.  To see an image of the bottle, click on the name.  To remove the large image, just click on it.

Coco Ribe 2_edited.png
Cotton Candy 2_edited.png
Chantelle 2_edited.png
Bailey's Irish Cream 2_edited.png
Bailey's Irish Cream Expresso Cream 3_edited.png
Bailey's Irish Cream Light 3_edited.png
Arrow Liquors Creme De Cacao 2_edited.png
Arrow Liquors Creme De Strawberry 2_edited.png
B & B 2_edited.png
Amanda 2_edited.png
Amaretto Di Saronno 2_edited.png
Amaro al Tarufo 2_edited.png
Amaro Sebiao 2_edited.png
American Cream 2_edited.png
Bailey's Irish Cream (Different Bottle) 3_edited.png
Bailey's Irish Cream Mini 2_edited.png
Bailey's Irish Cream Salted Caramel 3_edited.png
Bailey's Irish Cream Strawberries & Cream 3_edited.png
Bailey's Vanilla Cinnamon 2_edited.png
Honey 2_edited.png
Blue Mountain Coffee 2_edited.png
Cactus Jack Shooter 2_edited.png
Caffe Lolita 2_edited.png
Canton Delicate Ginger 2_edited.png
Capucine Cafe Creme 2_edited.png
Clisic China 2_edited.png
Cointeau 2_edited.png
Carolan's Irish Cream 2_edited.png
Chartreuse 2_edited.png
Cheri Swisse 2_edited.png
Cherry Heering 2_edited.png
Crave Chocolate Cherry 2_edited.png
After Shock 2_edited.png
Amadeus Mandel Orange 2_edited.png
99 Whipped Cream 2_edited.png
99 Apples 2_edited.png
99 Bananas 2_edited.png
99 Blackberries 2_edited.png
99 Blackcherry 2_edited.png
99 Butterscotch 2_edited.png
99 Cinnamon 2_edited.png
99 Coconuts 2_edited.png
99 Orange 2_edited.png
99 Peaches 2_edited.png
99 Peppermint 2_edited.png
99 Pineapple 2_edited.png
99 Watermelon 2_edited.png
Absente, Absinthe Refined 2_edited.png
43 2_edited.png
99 Grapes 2_edited.png
99 Blue Raspberries_edited.png
99 Cherry Llimeade 2_edited.png
99 Chocolate_edited.png
99 Fruit Punch_edited.png
99 Guava_edited.png
99 Lemon Lime_edited.png
99 Long Island Iced Tea_edited.png
99 Mangoes_edited.png
99 Mystery Flavor_edited.png
99 Root Beer_edited.png
99 Strawberries_edited.png
99 Whipped_edited.png
99 Xxpresso Coffee_edited.png
Appel 2_edited.png
Earl Grey 2_edited.png
Ouzo Dry Apertif 2_edited.png
Paso Fino 2_edited.png
Passoa 2_edited.png
Pecher Mignon 2_edited.png
Pesca 2_edited.png
Peter Heering 2_edited.png
Guaycura Licor de Damiana 2_edited.png
French Kiss 2_edited.png
El Torro 2_edited.png
Evans Williams Cherry 2_edited.png
Der Lachs 2_edited.png
Disaronno 2_edited.png
Drambuie 2_edited.png
Curacao Rum Raisin 2_edited.png
Das Komet 2_edited.png
Evans Williams Honey 2_edited.png
Genepy 2_edited.png
Godet Belgian White Chocolate 2_edited.png
Grand Absenti 2_edited.png
Grand-Palace 2_edited.png
Grappa E Miele 2_edited.png
Bahia 2_edited.png
Jeremy Weed 2_edited.png
Truffles du Chocolate 2_edited.png
Hiram Walker Whipped Cream 2_edited.png
Mama Walkers Blueberry Pancakes 2_edited.png
Mama Walkers Glazed Donut 2_edited.png
Truffles White Chocolate 2_edited.png
Amaretto Black & Blue Label 2_edited.png
Amaretto Brown Label 2_edited.png
Hiram Walker Anisette 2_edited.png
Kahlua Bandido (Shot Glass) 2_edited.png
Opal Nera Sambuca (HW) 2_edited.png
Hiram Walker Sambuca 2_edited.png
Hiram Walker Swiss Chocolate Almond 2_edited.png
Hiram Walker Valenciana 2_edited.png
Hot Rose 2_edited.png
Hot Shot Tropical Fruit 2_edited.png
Curaco Triple Sec 2_edited.png
Della Notte 2_edited.png
E & J Cask & Cream 2_edited.png
Curacao Chocolate 2_edited.png
Curacao Koffie Korsou 2_edited.png
Grappa Strapecchia Di Valpolicella 2_edited.png
Heather Cream 2_edited.png
Godiva (Gold Label) 2_edited.png
Goldschlager 2_edited.png
Fernet Superiore 2_edited.png
Frangelico 2_edited.png
Grand Marnier 2_edited.png
Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach 2_edited.png
Hiram Walker Chocolate Mint 2_edited.png
Haagen-Dazs Cream 2_edited.png
Haagen-Dazs Dutch Vanilla 2_edited.png
Haagen-Dazs Peach 2_edited.png
Kinky Red 2_edited.png
Hpnotiq 2_edited.png
Jagermeister 2_edited.png
Kinky Blue 2_edited.png
Kinky Gold 2_edited.png
Kahlua Peppermint 2_edited.png
Kamora 2_edited.png
Kahlua Cinnamon Spice 2_edited.png
Kahlua French Vanilla 2_edited.png
Irish Mist 2_edited.png
Inca Pisco 2_edited.png
Jagermeister Spice 2_edited.png
JDV Chocolate Cream 2_edited.png
JDV Mango Cream 2_edited.png