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Cabinet - Rum2_edited.jpg

Rum can conger up images like Pirates of the Caribbean or a rum drink.  However; for me, it is a rum cake, my father’s favorite made for his birthday and also the rum balls we made at Christmas.

I have collected 142 "Rum" bottles.  To see an image of the bottle, click on the name.  To remove the large image, just click on it.

Admiral Nelson's Cherry Spiced_edited.png
Bayou White_edited.png
Blue Chair Bay Mango_edited.png
Blue Chair Bay Pineapple_edited.png
Bayou Spiced_edited.png
Hana Bay Silver Label 2_edited.png
Hana Bay Purple Label 2_edited.png
Hana Bay Gold Label 2_edited.png
Coruba Gold Color 2_edited.png
Coruba Dark Color 2_edited.png
Coruba Light Color 2_edited.png
Parrot Bay Coconut_edited.png
Whaler's Orginial Dark Rare Reserve 2_edited.png
Whaler's Killer Coconut 2_edited.png
Ronrigo Vanilla 2_edited.png
Parrot Bay Pineapple 2_edited.png
Parrot Bay Passion Fruit 2_edited.png
Parrot Bay Mango 2_edited.png
Old Jamaica Coconut 2_edited.png
Rhum Grandier 2_edited.png
Ronrigo Pineapple Coconut 2_edited.png
Ronrigo Citrus 2_edited.png
Ricardo Coconut 2_edited.png
Ricardo Banana 2_edited.png
Old Jamaica DeLuxe Gold 2_edited_edited.png
Myers's Original Dark 2_edited.png
Lamb's 2_edited.png
Lady Bligh Spiced 2_edited.png
Lady Bligh Cherry Spiced 2_edited.png
Kraken Black Spiced 2_edited.png
Don Q Limon 2_edited.png
Don Q (Red Lettering) Gold Color 2_edited.png
Don Q (Blue Lettering) Light Color 2_edited.png
Cruzan White 2_edited.png
Cruzan Orange 2_edited.png
Cruzan Gold 2_edited.png
Cruzan Coconut 2_edited.png
COCO Rhum 2_edited.png
Banana Rum Finzi 2_edited.png
Eclipse Gold Color 2_edited.png
Hard Truth Toasted Coconut_edited_edited.png
Hard Truth Toasted Coconut Cream_edited_edited.png
Parrot Bay Strawberry_edited.png
Clarkes Court Superior Light 2_edited.png
Clarkes Court Special Dark 2_edited.png
Clarkes Court Sorrel Cranberry 2_edited.png
Clarkes Court Rhythm Coconut 2_edited.png
Clarkes Court Pure White 2_edited.png
Clarkes Court Mojito 2_edited.png
Castillo Spiced 2_edited.png
Captain Morgan Spiced 2_edited.png
Captain Morgan Coconut 2_edited.png
C. J_edited.png
British Navy 2_edited.png
Blue Chair Bay Vanilla 2_edited.png
Blue Chair Bay Coconut 2_edited.png
Blue Chair Bay Banana 2_edited.png
Blackheart Spiced 2_edited.png
Black Roberts Spiced Rum 2_edited.png
Bacardi Torched Cherry 2_edited.png
Bacardi Silver Label2 2_edited.png
Bacardi Select 2_edited.png
Bacardi Razz 2_edited.png
Bacardi Black Label 2_edited.png
Bacardi Pineapple Fusion 2_edited.png
Bacardi Oakheart Spiced 2_edited.png
Bacardi O 2_edited.png
Bacardi Limon 2_edited.png
Bacardi Grapefruit 2_edited.png
Bacardi Grand Melon 2_edited.png
Bacardi Gold 2_edited.png
Bacardi Dragon Berry 2_edited.png
Bacardi Anejo (Mexican) 2_edited.png
Bacardi Amber Label 2_edited.png
Appleton Gold 2_edited.png
Admiral Nelson's Vanilla 2_edited.png
Admiral Nelson's Spiced 2_edited.png
Admiral Nelson's Coconut 2_edited.png
Ron Abuelo Anejo 2_edited.png
Admiral Nelson's Black Patch_edited.png
Admiral Nelson's Pineapple_edited.png
Bacardi Banana_edited.png
Bacardi Coconut_edited.png
Bacardi Lime_edited.png
Bacardi Spiced_edited.png
Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced_edited.png
Blue Chair Bay Spiced_edited.png
Captain Morgan Cannon Blast_edited.png
Captain Morgan Sliced Apple_edited.png
Captain Morgan White_edited.png
Chila 'Orchata Cinnamon Cream Rum New_edited.png
Whaler's Pineapple Paradise 2_edited.png
Tortuga Light Cayman 2_edited.png
Tortuga Gold Cayman 2_edited.png
Tattoo 2_edited.png
Shellback Spiced 2_edited.png
Shellback Silver 2_edited.png
San Tropique 2_edited.png
Sailor Jerry Spiced 2_edited.png
Rums of Hawaii 2_edited.png
Rum Chata Different 2_edited.png
Rum Chata 2_edited.png
Ricardo Pineapple 2_edited.png
Botany Bay (Set)_edited.png
Dictador XO_edited.png
Topper's Rhum Banana Vanilla Cinnamon (Set)_edited.png
Topper's Rhum Caribbean White (Set)_edited.png
Topper's Rhum Mocha Mama (Set)_edited.png
Topper's Rhum Coconut (Set)_edited.png
Topper's Rhum Spiced (Set)_edited.png
Topper's Rhum White Chocolate Raspberry (Set)_edited.png
Whaler's Vanille 2_edited.png
Grind Espresso Shot_edited.png
Grind Caramel Espresso Shot_edited.png
Grind Mocha Espresso Shot_edited.png
Blue Chair Bay Key Lime_edited.png
Rum Chata Coconut Cream_edited.png
Grind Expresso Double Shot_edited.png
Gibbs Hill Black_edited.png
Hammock Bay Coconut_edited.png
Hammock Bay Spiced_edited.png
Jonah's Curse Black Spiced_edited.png
La Cana Grande Gold_edited.png
La Cana Grande Silver_edited.png
Largo Bay Apple Spiced_edited.png
Largo Bay Banana_edited.png
Largo Bay Black Cherry_edited.png
Largo Bay Caramel Spiced_edited.png
Largo Bay Coconut_edited.png
Largo Bay Cola_edited_edited.png
Largo Bay Gingerbread Spiced_edited.png
Largo Bay Gold_edited.png
Largo Bay Pineapple_edited.png
Largo Bay Silver_edited.png
Largo Bay Spiced_edited.png
Largo Bay Strawberry_edited.png
Largo Bay Vanilla Spiced_edited.png
Navy Bay Dark_edited.png
Bacardi Mango Chile_edited.png
El Chorrito Aguardiente de Cana (Set)_edited.png
El Tigre Aguardiente de Cana (Set)_edited.png
Ron Mocambo Anego (Set)_edited.png
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