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Cabinet-Not Classified.jpg

I have no idea what these bottles should be classified.

I have collected 15

 "Not Classified" bottles.  To see an image of the bottle, click on the name.  To remove the large image, just click on it.

Everclear Grain Alcohol2_edited.png
Mint Julep Elixir2_edited.png
Rare Souzao Port2_edited.png
Desert Door (100% Proof)_edited.png
Crown Maple Syrup_edited.png
Desert Door (80% Proof)_edited.png
Luminar Mezcal_edited_edited.png
Dos Espinas Mezcal Abocado_edited.png
Lajita Mezcal Reposado (Set)_edited.png
Reserva de Don Chuy Mezcal Abocado_edited.png
Reserva de Don Chuy Mezcal Joven_edited.png
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